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At SAG International, LLC, we know how frustrating it can be to need a repair for a crucial item, especially when you have no time to spare. (Think breaking your glasses before an important meeting).  But just because you need a quick fix, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice quality.  That’s why we created Sticky Jack Super Glue.Sticky Jack Super Glue is triple distilled for purity, creating an instantaneous, yet stubbornly strong bond for the items in your life needing a quick fix.  But what good is a super glue if it’s hardened in its package, and you’re unable to use it when you desperately need it? You won’t find that to be the case with Sticky Jack Super Glue, as we’ve packaged it to prevent the product from hardening.Since its called super glue, we think the glue really should be “super.”  And to us that means that it needs to be strong, easy to use, and provide a fast dry time. Waterproof and able to withstand temperatures from -65˚ – 200˚F, Sticky Jack Super Glue will securely bond rubber, wood, metal, plastic, ceramics and more. Use Sticky Jack Super Glue once and you’ll see that there are three main reasons why it truly is “super” glue. We guarantee that it will provide you with:

  • A fast, clean cure.
  • Innovative packaging to prevent hardening, while offering increased ease of use.
  • And completely clear.