Q: How should I best store my bottle of Sticky Ass Glue?

A: Store it in a dry place and be sure to close the cap securely. Don’t store your bottle of Sticky Ass Glue under a sink or in the kitchen or bathroom. Sticky Ass Glue uses moisture to cure so storing the glue where excessive moisture exists will cause the glue to begin to cure prematurely.

Q: My bottle of Sticky Ass Glue is starting to harden in the bottle. What should I do?

A: Sticky Ass Glue should last for months after it has been opened if stored properly. If it begins to cure (harden) in the bottle usually it will start at the top of the bottle. Simply remove the cured glue by squeezing it out or using a popsicle stick or a similar object. Once the cured portion of the glue is removed the remainder should be perfectly fine.

Q: Sticky Ass Glue seems to expand a little after it dries. How do I keep it from expanding too much?

A: A little goes a long way. Sticky Ass Glue is very strong glue so not a lot is needed. Use a small amount by using either a thin bead or small dots of glue. Attempt to keep the bond line away from the edge of the material being bonded. Typically moisture (water spray) does NOT need to be added to help the curing process. Most materials contain or have access to enough moisture to cure the glue. The only time a water spray should be added is when items with very large surface areas are being adhered.

Q: The cap to my bottle of Sticky Ass Glue is covered in cured glue. How can I make the cap work again?

A: Glue is messy and at some point glue will begin to cure in and around the cap. To clean the cap simply pop the top part of the cap off and use a nail or something similar to clean the inside of the cap. Our caps are designed so that the glue peels off. If the lower portion of the cap is adhered to the bottle use a pair of pliers to remove the cap. The glue on the inside of the cap should be easy to remove using a nail or similar object.

Q: How long should I wait after I use Sticky Ass Glue before I can use my repaired item?

A: It is good to wait the full 24 hours before you begin to use your repaired item. When using Sticky Ass Glue to repair your item be sure to clamp the item well. You can also use tape or weigh down your item with something heavy. Keep it clamped, taped or weighted down for at least several hours before removing.