SAG International, LLC

Makers of Sticky Ass Glue

SAG International, LLC has one goal: To provide you with only the finest American Made Adhesives for all of your gluing and bonding needs. We guarantee that the strength, durability and versatility of our Stubbornly Strong line of products will help you to fix, build, or reinforce countless indoor and outdoor items.From your home, to your car to your lawn, Sticky Ass Glue is the polyurethane glue of choice when it comes to upgrades, quick fixes and large scale construction projects.Here are a few reasons why Sticky Ass Glue has won such a loyal following amongst hobbyists, contractors, builders, home repair retailers, and DIYers:

Sticky Ass Glue

Sticky Ass Glue is manufactured and bottled in Southern California and has been since our humble beginnings in 2008. And if we do say so ourselves, Americans make some pretty amazing glue!Our philosophy regarding our flagship product is simple: Provide a superior product, and let it speak for itself. Thus our product offers these great features:

  • Less expansion than other polyurethane glues on the market, making for a stronger bond with less mess.
  • Enhanced shelf and bottle stability, making Sticky Ass Glue a crowd pleaser for retailers and consumers alike.
  • Zero solvents. We like the earth that we live in, so we made the greenest glue we could without sacrificing quality.
  • Ease of use. Excess glue can be wiped off, sanded off, or painted over.
  • Versatility. Sticky Ass Glue is 100% waterproof and weatherproof, allowing you to use it outdoors or indoors (our low odor will help you avoid a headache).
  • Options to fit your needs. Sticky Ass Glue is available in 4oz (our most popular size), 8 oz (great for the industrial and home user size) and 16 oz (most used by the pros).